Gluten-Free Diet Scam

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The Gluten-Free Diet Scam discloses the flaws in the gluten-free diet for everyone hypothesis and the health risks associated with eating a diet of restaurant and prepress foods made with thousands of manmade chemical.

While most chemicals add to foods are controlled by the Food and Drug Administration, a 1997 FDA rule changed allowed food manufactures to bypass the 1958 law requiring all food additives be tested for safety before being added to foods.

This book is a must read for anyone considering a gluten-free diet due to popular websites, best-selling books, and celebrity doctors and nutrition experts. Maintaining a life-long gluten free diet is not as simple as people are lead to believe.

Except for people diagnosed with celiac disease (by a simple good test), or confirmed to be gluten sensitive (not so simple process), a gluten-free diet may hide serious effects of a diet high in manmade chemical food additives. 

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