About DiTuro Productions, LLC

Welcome to DiTuro Productions, LLC. Owned and operated by author, professional photographer, and videographer Daniel DiTuro.

I started DiTuro Productions, LLC in 2012 to educate, empower, and inform American consumers about diet, dieting, exercise, fitness, and nutrition.

Books and videos are produced based on the latest generally accepted scientific information not marketing hype designed to sell worthless:

  • Diet plans
  • Diet and prepared foods loaded with chemical additives
  • Dietary supplements
  • Home exercise equipment

With a BS in Engineering and over 30 years experience solving complex problems for the aerospace industry, I’m using my knowledge to save consumers time and money. Like the bloated, for profit, U.S. healthcare system, the $60 billion a year U.S. diet industry is concerned more about accumulating wealth than helping desperate Americans lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.


DiTuro Productions, LLC and it’s imprint DP Lifestyles publishes self-help books about diet, nutrition, and exercise.

DiTuro Productions Books

  • The Gluten-Free Diet Scam
  • The New 700 Calorie Meals
  • 700 Calorie Meals Cookbook
  • Live Longer and Healthier Eating Foods You Love
  • Lightroom Classics CC Develop Module Presets

DP Lifestyles Books

  • Over 120 Belly Dance Poses

Published through Human Kinetics

  • Hatha Yoga Asanas
  • Hatha Yoga Illustrated


DiTuro Productions, LLC YouTube channel has over 380 free cooking, diet, nutrition, yoga, fitness, and how-to videos. Click here to go to my YouTube channel.


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